The Doctor (pisica) wrote in live_jnl_north,
The Doctor

Reminder! - Saturday meetup

Don't forget the LJN meetup this Saturday, 12 noon, Khushi's (that's the one on Potterow in case you know of the other one and were confused). And then, weather and space permitting, on to the Pear Tree, unless anyone comes up with a better idea on the day.

Booked for eight people, with six confirmed, so if you think you might turn up feel free to let me know but we should be okay, and we can always cram more in (presumably without people hanging off the window ledges as in Plaisir du Chocolat!).

I hope to be there at noon sharp, but if the Forth Road Bridge works muck up again as happened last week (contraflow + broken-down bus = badness) I won't. The reservation is under my last name so if you think you'll be there first but don't know what my name is and don't want to stand around saying 'um, is it booked under "livejournal"?' and frantically waiting for someone else to arrive, e-mail me.
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