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Beltane Fire Society needs Stewards (again)

The BFS Samhuinn performance is taking place this year on 31 October, going from the castle Esplanade down to Parliament Square, and continuing with an after-club at the Bongo.

Or rather, it will if enough stewards can be found to marshal the event....

Quoting from the email that came round earlier in the week
We are currently 17 stewards short of a Samhuinn! So urgently we need your help.

To help you help us, with your time limited lifestyles, we have created a new Steward Fasttrack Process(™).

On Sunday the 21st meeting at the meadows at 3pm there will be an induction for new stewards. You can get your steward training, walkthrough, H&S all in one day. Your only other commitment is to steward on the night of Samhuinn.

In return you get.

* The best view of Samhuinn!
* Free club ticket!
* Warm internal glow at having helped made it happen!

No need to book, but it would be good to let Charlotte our chief steward, know you're coming so we can get a rough idea of the numbers we're still looking for. You can get her on littlemisslucifer666 at hotmail dot com

If you would like to steward but are not available on the 21st please let Charlotte know and we'll try and accommodate you.

More details at and
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