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For People Who LIve Oop North

The Journal of Frozen Tundra North

For People Who Don't Live Down Sarf
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Live-jnl-north is for everyone who doesn't live in London (or Oxford, or Cambridge, or Rutland - *especially* Rutland.) You can get in if you live roughly anywhere north of Birmingham (not if you live IN Birmingham - we do have some standards, y'know.) At the moment this community has been created by a secret cabal of four but we expect that to change quickly (yes, soon it'll be THREE! Oh what lafs we have here at Frozen Tundra North.)

This isn't because we're jealous of you people darn sarf getting all the good parties and clubs and gigs and festivals and weather, oh no. It's because the north: south divide is a Stalinist heteronormative patriarchal non-jingoist Rumsfeldian conspiracy, oh yes it is.

(Well, that's what yonmei told me to say anyway. I hope I got the spelling right..)

Meanwhile. Invert the hierarchy! Rage against the dying f the light! Smash the machine! God bless global warming! Or all of the above..

This journal is not about haggis. However oatmeal MAY be mentioned. People from Yorkshire may mention sheep, but not people from Aberdeen. people from Dundee should refrain from eating jam, or jute. People from Glasgow should just refrain period.

Remember... Live-jnl-north, ASSEMBLE!!

(hm - may have to thnk about that one a bit?)